Marix aus Sirius- In Contact with ALL-THAT-IS

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Of  Marix- by Sarinah


Golden - truly Golden Times are awaiting you and some messengers of Light have already attained the stage of light- vibration to keep the doors open for all those who want to follow ......


They found their entrance into Godly Vibration still being clad in their earthly bodies which arouse our enthusiastic applause. This equals a true miracle !


Yes, it had indeed been planned this way and your path of ascension is being well safeguarded. However 10 years ago not even your guides could know wether these proceedings would end up successful. It was a bold experiment at that time.


One year ago you would not have been able to stand physically up to the highly graded frequency of your vibration weaving and sparkling now through all your bodily cells.


What kind of ascension and at which speed has been mastered by you which is coming into the open now ! You will be able to clearly see it with your own eyes, Beloved Ones, when we shall show you the graphics thereof. You may truly compare it to the old Roman Saying: veni-vidi-vici ! (roughly transcribed : they came, saw and conquered)


However - while the ever increasing vibration of your ascending planet is approaching you lightworkers bringing about effects like a magic carpet that carries you, free-will given, into the direction to which you feel drawn, not all of the human community are prepared and willing to join you on the path to the very end to complete consciousness .


Considering those who refuse to accept the light or only pretend in the public to accept it you will see the contra-effect showing up - they will getting older and older while you are rejuvenating - they will have to laborate with more and more ailments while lesser infects will hit you in the event of time.


There is still another effect you will undergo when the highgrade light will descend into your brains. The halves of your brain separated for such a long time will be joined together again and new links of remembrance will evolve meaning that you will be able to take up manifold knowledge within a short time. Still these are only some examples given to encourage you to follow your ascending path furtheron by increasing the frequency of your vibration.


You want to know, when you will arrive at your final goal ? Now, there is no end to this journey ! But the most essential lap of your journey now to the final ascension in your earthly form has been made in absolute security for you ! We from our side, your galactical friends will be standing wayside clapping hands of applause at your finals. We shall take care lovingly of eachone on the course of evolution and will make sure that he/she will reach the final goal of this race.




Referring again to those playing in the shadows : they have to bear the consequences of refusing the Godly Decree not wanting to be in train of the Golden Age for the goodsake and wellbeing of all mankind. Only one look into their faces will tell you which final goal they have chosen : that of the old vibration or travelling with GAIA into the matrix of 5th-D.


Talking of the brain and its adjustment to the light. Think also, however, of all the feelings of confusion, fury, aggression, and intolerance, as well as of the urge to justify oneself arising in those who have decided to repudiate the stream of energy coming in now. This will create a sort of vacuum-space between you and them who turn away from the light. At the same time this vacuum-space will also serve for your safeguard and protection as thus you may remain wholly undisturbed on the energy-level of the Golden Age.



Automatically this will also disempower all those which still want to go on living and reigning in the old style. This is to encourage and to show you that these "Players in the Shadow" will shoot themselves out very soon lest they have not been removed by us before.

We are thoroughly peaceful and filled with light ! However, we resort to interfering action, and we are allowed to do so, in case many brave citizens are being hurt, affected by the activities of dark elites. We are begging you to send your love to those dark beings and if you are unable to do so,send them your compassion. Don't hate them ! Thus you will support and assist in the process of enlightened transition.


As you know all human beings may either undergo the change of paradigma still within their earthly bodies or by leaving it.




And thus we arrive again at our favourite topic: The sightings of our crafts, our contact with your planet, and with all those humans who wish it fervently deep in their hearts.


The time has come now for everything which will make your hearts vibrate with joy as we have reached the day allowing us to appear more distinctly. We also may present us now to those humans who spend us daily visits in their dreams. Yet, at the same time we always shall take care that you are safeguarded in order not to make you a goal for those still chasing the energies of the SHADOW.



I am Marix from Sirius and I am a member of the First-Contact-Team of the Galactic Federation of Light. On behalf of our interplanetarian friends, the Archangels and Angels, The Ascended Masters and our Cousins from Inner Earth, I'll extend to you our thanks and blessings. I am filled with joy that our lightcrafts are well to be seen all over the world. We are the golden-orange-lights blinking from afar even when skies are cloudy and we react to your thoughts! With our messages of earlier dates we told you already we will touch down to earth in a gentle and soft way and in forthcoming waves. And this we will do! We also know about all your issues and challenges - we know that despite of all the overwhelming tiredness you have never given up - we know what kind of wonderful and powerful beings you are ….... W e k n o w !


Thank you Marix .



English Transcript by Mary

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