Marix from Sirius- All of Us - in Co-operation

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Gedanken und Durchsage zur Sommersonnenwende von Marix/Sirius

Thoughts and Message from Marix/Sirius at the time of June-Solsticein der Liebe

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius


channelled through Sarinah


dated June 20, 2012


All of Us - in Co-operation


Although the road into the Golden Age still turns out to be somehow a wee bit bumpy for mankind - it is true that there are not only preparations being made for disclosures but plannings are already running to perform these disclosures!

The Galactic Federation of Light hereby would like to emphasize on behalf of all those - assisting Gaia and her citizens - that these disclosures will not be running in a gentle mode yet with a seemingly strong intensity with regard to the time-frame.


This leads again to our request to ask you for your assistance since the truth to be revealed to you about matters which have been afflicted to you and the truth about those which were meant to work for the wellbeing of all citizens - all this will not be so easy to digest for everybody !

This is due to many people still living in their former matrix of being a part of a flock of sheep - all the more they are sort of imprisoned in such a stage since all the years of this artificially produced shortage have led to a widely spreaded weariness and lethargy in which reflection they are still today.


We are far away from evaluating these symptoms since we know very well how the dark powers have functioned and we know all about your soul-contracts -namely - that all those souls which are apparently fast asleep now, will wake up with the first sound of the Call-up on the Day of Declaration - being suddenly wide-awake and conscious!

As conscious as their System of Mind, Body, and Soul will be able tolerate ....


Therefore we should ask you, please, seize the opportunity offered to you now and start creating with light! As daily your divine capabilities are growing, they will place you into a position to decide on the resulting matters and their time of completion.

How beautiful to see the light of your souls beam forth in the night and how intense it is which originates from you - and foremost of all - how much the frequence of light of your souls has been enforced - this, my Beloved Ones, you will be able to see for yourselves shortly.

As we shall be changing positions - you will be able to watch matters from above and we shall dive into the matters of Earth.

We also want to point out that although your energies are comparatively still less vibrating than ours, they are, however, not in such a mode that any member of our Galactic Federation nor, for example, any Archangel would be harmed by them.


Sometimes there are messages of really trustworthy mediums which show some embedded sentences which do not wholly correspond to the real truth.

Therefore we show deep respect for you as often you are like living filters whereby it is your heart which tells you what is coherent and what not.


Yea, it is most of all a thorough "Tightrope-Act" since while your own vibration is daily increasing its frequency, it is paramount important not to "slide back" always again into lower stages via your own free will!

Yea, you know it well how this feels still you also know for certain how fast and easy it is for you to rise up again into the highest frequency level of vibration which your body is able to tolerate!

One year ago you would have to exert much more power after such a downfall of vibration in order to increase the frequency of your vibes again to its highest level !

This also goes for your spiritual mentors and guides trying to induce you for peak performances which they do with deep love and delight because the more you are approaching them with your live body - the more you will be able to enjoy everything which comes quite natural to your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, and Spiritual Guides since long ago.

Do not forget that it is through you that all those enlightened beings without any material body may be able to experience pulsating life. This will be made possible by your embodied ascension and you thought already you would have lost all of them eternally when you made your entry into the Matrix of Duality.


It is beyond any expression what is the real meaning of the above mentioned sentence.

This must be lived out, Beloved Ones!

Only then you will really know that all the applause and unconditional love which we are beaming into your hearts are deeply true !


Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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