Marix from Sirius- As Far These Wings Will Carry You

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From Marix through Sarinah

29.02 2012

As Far These Wings Will Carry You

It is not easy to go back on the path to the celestial realms because it is sufficiently spiked with pieces of cognitions and discernment chosen by yourself as likewise traps for you to stumble into .... all this being set up by your own Ego-of-Mind.

But what will happen once you have reached a certain level ? Life, will it finally become easier ? Yes it will, however this newly achieved easy life will soon become a usual habit and eventually you would want nothing more than to progress on and on.

How much do we, your Galactic family, admire you since you have never given up - even when issues in your life had been so hard and made you kneel down - still - you have never resigned !

How wonderful you are - enlightened beings - and we feel deeply honored to accompany you on this last lap to the
final and essential event of ascension and of course also beyond it. As from this point it just will be getting more and more interesting and our mutual contact will never break up again.

In the back behind the scene presently our allied friends are nudging the Domino-plates to fall, so to start finally the Program of Abundance and Interchange of former Elitist-players who have lost control about their on-goings since long ago.

Because - if one Domino-plate is falling - there will be no doubt of the following ones falling also, this is a proved reaction-of-a-chain - and this we are mentioning to you again and again. Why ?

Because there is no reason to worry about that, all this we are waiting for, would not happen now as the players of this game of duality are just being interchanged ! This all is happening because all that you have waited for is about to manifest itself at this very moment!

The former and old section since long has been standing on the border of the game-field holding their belief of being still in full power - by the way here we'd like to mention that human's perception will be ever more distorted the more he/she refuses to accept the higher light.

We are very grateful to establish contact to so many readers of our messages since thus we may reach out to so many civilians who up to now have not looked for the things behind the scenery.
No wonder if you consider how tiring this life could be because of its issues. However this will change soon!

Our thanks go to all who incessantly ascend the various steps of the ladder towards the shift of cycle. Even when you stumble, waver or being tired with fatigue it always has been your intention to stand up again and to proceed ever stepping forward.

Our souls have the knowledge that miracles eventually will happen when a certain frequency-level of their vibrations is attained. And by the passing time we shall be guided to meet together.

Souls wandering along the steep ridge which actually is quite small will arrive at a point where it is impossible to
hold the oversight and control and this is where you will need to possess 100 % confidence. It is then you 'll be led
by your Archangels and Angels, your Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides. They will lend you their hands and support you so long until the fog will have dispersed and in times even beyond.

Some earth-humans indeed will be carried by their Angels and thus always when life is getting very strenuous for them. However it is that complaints are raised by these very lightworkers that they had been always left alone in their difficult phases of life. However regarding the latter periods of life when Angels had carried those which were overcome by fatigue, it had been often the case that those carried had gotten so used to it that they had fallen asleep. When they were put down on their feet again they started to complain like a child, wanting that the carrying should go on.
Doesn't it make you laugh a bit?
Our comment? Never, you are never alone and solely on your own, we were and we are always One !

The more people will wake up at present and regain their full selfconsciousness, the better it is, since fear, doubt and feelings of insecurity prevent us from approaching those human beings.

This is why the dark side has made attempts again and again to evoke fear and ignorance.
However the light always is more powerful and truth and truthworthiness will find their way ever more.

It is an honor to us when you talk and report about us even if common people will not understand the full concept at present - but be sure - words are apt to create their echos !

Don't forget you are immensely loved, cherished and protected. Your way up to this point has been long and troublesome. We know about the radiation of your soul - we know about all your incarnations - we know .........

You have nearly reached your target and your path will flatten itself and become much easier...What an immeasurable joy, one of our Starseed has returned, the wheel of your incarnations has come to an end !

We are awaiting you on the other bank of the stream and the water will treat you like a friend flowing everything off you which has hitherto been a burden. While you let go of all old things and odds you are at the same time incessantly progressing into higher and higher frequencies of vibrations.

There is no standstill - there was no standstill ever - everything is on the move !

Thank you Marix


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Translated by Mary

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