Marix from Sirius- First Contact and the Energy of Invitation of Gaia's Inhabitants

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Marix from Sirius
channelled through Sarinah

dated 25.April 2012

First Contact and the Energy of Invitation of Gaia's Inhabitants!

The wheel of ascension is about to turn around with ever-increasing speed and its centrifugal power
throws everything with inherent dual frequencies to the brink.


The Power of rotation is such a thorough one that eventually only those will be left alive
which consent with the Source of Allbeing or are prepared and willed to do so.

Be sure and aware that there will be many more human beings journeying with you
than you imagine now. Since words and energies tend to resonate and create
echoes - very often your beaming light will reach those who had refused it at first.
It also will arrive at those humans when your contact with them will have cut off.


Separations are frequently happening because of the differring frequencies between
human beings. As you know now you are not capable to dim your light any more.
This has ceased to function since quite some time.

To dim your light has brought upon you so much tiredness, reflection, and fatigue
thus shoving many a lightworker to the brink of his/her energies.

Thus you are being confronted again and again with the theme: "Let go with
Love, without Evaluation and Expectation and without any Challenge.

Yes, we know - at this period of your life you often feel yourself as if in a spin - however

sometimes you find out afterwards that also themes were spun out simultaneously which

had been hidden in the deepest core of you and these had been rotated out of the basics

of past incarnations as well.

As you know during these present days every human being chooses his/her individual
level from which he/she would like to start again. This could be a level of reliving and
repeating experience however also another one to meet your beloved ones and to enjoy

being with them.


During this period of transition Gaia will offer to her children the chance to ascend in any
case they deem right.
Admittedly it will not be so easy to go on living on levels still bearing energies of duality
and this will become increasingly uncomfortable.

Thus each human being has made his/her choice and there is a prevalent urge
in every soul to check out always again - just like an update - the direction once made
on her/his own.

Beloved ones, do not worry for latecomers - confide that transition will be done
by all mankind - which way ever everyone will chose as rightful for him/her.

We repeat it all over again: "The Last will be the First!"

Now - while the Councils of Light assemble - it happens quite often that the
Creator of of All-there-Is accelerates everything - thus permitting the Lords
of Light, the Galactic Federation, and the Cousins of Inner Earth to intervene
in the worldly ongoings here.


This happened recently when we obtained permission to introduce
and open to you the First Contact and this on either side - in the allround range and
also individually.

We are hearing your thoughts and we do know that you wish we should be a bit
more concrete with our statements of our plannings ahead.
Since - however - not only the enlightened side is listening herein for more information
we are not prepared to transmit anything into those hands for which it is not
meant at all.


We should like only to tell you that there is much more movement than shown to you
on the outside and all those being familiar with our mode of progressing - they will
perceive all signals in the sky and on the ground and they will be able to read between the lines.

Bear in mind, please, that you yourselves are the creators and thus we are dicussing

here everything hoping that you will notice that it is upon your very energies which will lead
undoubtedly to everything what we call "the First Contact"!


For - one half of the First Contact to be performed has been laid into our hands -

the other one however is up to you - which will make you to earthly managers of
these events.
Beloved ones go on making use of the high power of manifestation collectively !

We are localized already in your reality - and now only wait for the

Earth-Angels to call us.

 Hatred, Refusal, Enragement, and Aggression will only empower the Duality-Fire which has made life on Gaia in the past for you so burdensome and this would return to you the same resonance into your being again !


There is so much left to discuss with you and it is also for us - the family of
the Galactic Federation of Light a time of much excitement since we do not love more
than switching from planning to manifesting and performance !

What we are sensing? We are feeling an immesurable joy and delight together with
gratitude observing that our hands are already touching each other.

How beautiful you are - how powerful and strong - how much light your souls
are beaming -
Very soon Beloved ones you will know how powerful our eternal connection really is.


We are thanking and blessing you and call out: "So long and see you soon .....!"

Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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