Marix from Sirius- First Contact - We Are Coming !

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From Marix through Sarinah

dated April 15, 2012

First Contact - We Are Coming !

Here we meet eachother again to discuss everything essential at this time.

Space is full of life as your newspaper titled all pertaining articles and as a matter of fact

the Universe is full of vibrating life. Not only through space of the universe life is pulsating

we, your brothers and sisters of the stars have arrived on and around earth long ago.

We are here to present ourselves in public and to assist you in getting everything that you



In context with the term "going public" or publication we should like to stress some fact

much enjoyable to us i.e., that nowadays people are presently forming teams and join into these

and they stretch their arms out to us and we will gladly grasp their hands also from our side.

For we know all your incarnations and we know all of you who demand full of love and ardor

our acceptance.


Keep in mind that we also accept your invitations and also recall that by accepting these it

will possibly look like nothing is happening at all. Let us tell you that this isn't so!

We thank all of you which are our Allies! We thank you from our deepest heart as for the

time being you do not even have an idea how prescious and valuable is your service to All-there-is.


As we have now arrived at the topic of "our Allies" many a reader here will asks himself whether he/she

belongs also to these allies as she/he cannot do so much for the light due to lack of enough time?

And this is our reply to you: yes you are also our Ally.

The group of our Allies is not a small one nor elitist and neither are we. We are fully aware of all

your challenges and we tell you:" Very soon you will know how prescious is your service to the light!"

As you are still now partly located at places and working utilities which are in urgent need of the

light of All-Unity. How else should the light of God reach all those which do not demand it on their own?


This is but one example for the range of issues confined to the quiet Allies and one could describe

this range also as the field of activity of Angels inkognito.

We are perceiving now how you lift up your fronthead and your eyes lighten up ! Yes it was not in vain

that long ago many souls had been invited for a casting, for they all wanted to return to Earth.

However the Creator has examined thoroughly and has had made pass only those which out of the

strong ones proved to be the strongest and this they still are up to today..


Beloved ones we like to express ourselves in terms of your colloquial speech as we love

your slang and also love how you sow out your light - we do love how you are entirely !

We also should like to stress this: we always do respect highly your privacy. However we also

sense precisely when you are thinking of us and we are looking after you very often.

And this not only : we also safeguard you together with your Angels, Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and

Ascended Masters.

In all likelihood you will not even be aware of the danger when passing swiftly through a dangerous zone

without being harmed in any way.

We are protecting you wherever permitted and whenever we are allowed to by your soul-contracts and yourselves!

Please note this is leeways only since we particularly now would talk with you about our mutual impending all-meeting .


"What is to be done by us in order to perform the First Contact as fast as possible ?" this question is

being posed to us frequently.

Beloved Ones, always consider that your power of manifestation is really great! And magnificent is

your immense group-consciousness!

Since paired with the energy of creation this is incredibly powerful when exercised by a group!

You are doing it already and we know about all your calls and also of your many enlightened meditations.

We are encouraging you to proceed along this line further on, as you are about to tighten up the string

between us - meaning we shall see each other shortly and it goes without saying that we, your Galactic

family, is coming up to it and do our part as well.

How much we are looking forward to you since when you will have seen which is your original Home
and everything pertaining to it - the whole of our family will be replenished fully again.

Keep in your mind that all those waiting to meet you which you thought you may only reach with the help

of channelling for example.


We have mentioned very often as well that there are humans which have planned partnerships with some

Ascended Master, Archangel or member of the Galactic Federation or alike.

Even if for the time being you may not imagine it - we are telling you: "Yes, it is true!" Since the human body

is changing into ever increasing subtle matter and with such velocity taking also our breath away sometimes

when we perceive how fast you are becoming those which you truly have been for a long time already and

what you still are today.

There is a reason for such existing soul-planning which is that you had known for certain when planning your

life before your incarnation : these miracles were to be realized and fulfilled in future which is now !


Thank you Marix



Translated by ContraMary


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