Marix from Sirius- Heaven and Earth are One

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Good Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix through Sarinah

dated 16 May 2012


Heaven and Earth are One


As we are approaching the middle of this year soon your contact with the

Galactic friends becomes ever more urgent.

Not only this - as you well know also that for the uniting of all unifications

we have to keep within the agenda of the divine decree which has been set

by the Creator.


Even although you are not aware much of our enlightened interference we 'd

like to point out that in the background much work is being diligently done on

the performance of the First Contact.

For an example when a particular energy has been anchored on Earth which

makes it rather difficult for the Dark Ones to manipulate and frighten you furtheron.

The time of getting to know each other is imminent in the offing and we do not

want by any means to shock or frighten the human population.


When you are meeting people trying to lead you up the garden path you will

know it straight away as your heart will raise the alarm bells.

Since some time masses of earthly citizen are presently joining together and

they demand being told the truth about the Galactic family.

The invitations and centering of yours - Beloved - all of it has been quite

successful as much as the activities of single individuals which are in contact with us.

Sometimes we really wish to give you more pieces of information than we are

presently allowed. If you could see and sense how well all planning is progressing

and that now performance will come of all what we have been waiting for so long -

you would go through the ceiling with joy!

Our messages will increase getting more and more concrete up to that day when

we shall announce our coming through the mass-media.


There will be no pressure on a single person announcing us but this part

will be taken over by thousands of our Allies doing their special service in

public agencies.

These Allies and among them highgrade politicians will report how and when

exactly we shall appear and they will inform the population that there is no

reason to distrust us.


This will also mean that we shall appear on the announced Day of Declaration

since contrary to 2008 almost all impediments are being moved out of the way

and we can guarantee that there is no shadow-player from which country and

party so ever who will blackmail us putting pressure on the worldly population

in order to keep us away.


Not only the Galactic Federation of Light opens up its doors to meet you again

but also the Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Spiritual Mentors and your Beloved

Deceased Ones and your Friends from Inner Earth.

For we are not unkown or alien to you actually since many lightbearers reading

these lines had incarnations on the planets

of the stars.


We also are full of joy and gladness when we shall be able to embrace our

family again. However we have met with some of your lightworkers on some

other level - not only in the night while you are dreaming but also consciously

in the day as our communication works by our mutual thoughts.

There have been also and still are happening meetings with our Allies in order

to exchange important dates.

However our attention is not only for the Ambassadors of Light but for all human

beings calling for our help or simply wanting to shake hands with us.


At this point please note that the Creator and the Lords of Light have recently given

us permission to assist and help you with physical problems as far these are not

anchored as experience in your soul contracts.

Still even with regard to such cases there are possibilities to redeem such issues.


Redemption of an issue or experience are within the power of the Lords of Lights

and the Creator. It is not an issue within our realms of power however we are quite

willing to transfer your pleas for particular

reliefs of soul-contracts.


Regarding medical help which we may give already now:

this is being given either at night as well also in consciousness during the day -

this by transfer of energy which assist you to

increase the frequency of vibration in those parts of your body with pains or problems.


Beloved ones, please note that many of your lightbearers have availed themselves already of this

service and also note the higher the frequency of your body is, the more powerful may be the help

of the medical team of the GFL. This we do out of unconditional love without asking for any

recompensation for our family, our friends and for each human being calling us.


How much we are looking forward to stretch our arms out to those having incarnated once - only because

they knew Heaven and Earth would be united again since we truly have never been separated.


Thank you Marix




Translated by ContraMary


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rayone 05/17/2012 19:15

thank you for translating the messages to english! I am aware of the presence of the messengers as my frequency increases as i read the message each time. Shanti..... Peace