Marix from Sirius-Journeying Towards The Light

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Message from Marix
channelled through Sarinah


It is with pleasure that we continue our talks with you since you should be as well as possibly informed about everything that is going on behind the scenes;

as the mainstream medias still intentionally try to manipulate mankind with all their intent to keep people away from all events referring to disclosures.


However those who have kept their inner peace
will sense and have the inner sight that Nesara has already actually been started and the InternationaL Court of Justice has taken up work on its issues.

These humans will also sense that in the background of everything meetings of high officials of various States' Governments take place actually, very

often in remote places external of their realms of government in order to influence the views of

people that they appear to care for the poverty

and rebuilding of external territories.


However they have but one target to convince the individual State and its Government, to leave disclosure to one of the Western States holding a powerful position.


As now theyhave acknowledged that the Waves of Light cannot be further held up and citizens not only of Tunesia, Egypt,and Greece demonstrated in the streets and openly but that these enlightened movements for more democracy will swap over to every country where citizens are deeply dissatisfied and be held in scarcity and lack of vital living conditions.



Thus you are already in the centre of events happening now and the first step into the Golden

Era was done long ago.

So, as far as karmic causes permit us, we are doing our best to safeguard you against any environmental mishaps and set up fakes of catastrophies.


This incites our return again to the meetings of our councils in which the main topics are discussed to find a solution between our Lords of the Lights and our Allies from Inner Earth - in order to progress adequately further towards our visible contact with Gaia, since we have to respect the Free Will of those which cannot perceive us - not to mention that they are neither willing nor prepared to work with us mutually.


Please confide fully in us as we have found the solution thereto a while ago. Now we are on the

next topic what steps we shall apply to our further progress which will eventually lead to our final


This is only one example about what we mutually talk

in our council-meetings in order to agree on all topics in concordance of all participants.


In reference to the above we like to mention that those which appearently do not welcome us now,

are those, who have according to their soul-contracts planned a cooperation with us.

Frequently those are concerned which are still bathing in old energies although they had formerly agreed on a partnership with one of the Galactic family.

This was a challenge for us to elucidate on the cause

for these hesitations of those messengers of Light who still before their incarnations had announced as souls how much they would look forward to the day of meeting us again.


Yes, we know why those in empowered positions of on earth react in such ways.


We know and respect their viewpoint since we are able to look into their hearts and we sense all the fear and confusion in it as the change of cycle should have had happened long ago. There is a deep sadness and desperation and also fright because they feel how much they are circled around by adversaries who wanted to make away with them already in former incarnations.


It goes without saying that every soul while in dreams has been informed how immense is the spiritual and Galactic protection around her and how everything happens in the background behind.



Please exert indulgement with these humans as all knowledge that you have taken up via your enlightened heart and what you know is for others in turn still like an unripe fruit which they yet hold in their hands and they will try and bite into it as soon it is ripened.


This we explain in order to further a better understanding between all of you and to make it easier for you to send your love to those which are placed so powerful on top of you and also to those which do not have any knowledge of you altogether.


Please send your Love and your Blessings to those people and into such spheres which appear to you as if they were still in duality's grasp.


Thus you will accelerate and promote their change and support the allover-change and also the mutual re-gathering of us all.

Thus your enlightened intention prepares for us,

your Galactic Friends the possibility to create anything from our vast range of programs for your assistance.

You are doing so much more in assisting the light than you know and you are the very ones to which we reach out with our hands on the Bridge of Welcome.

Thank you Marix

Translated by Mary
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