Marix from Sirius- Light and Dark

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High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius

channeled by Sarinah

dated September 10, 2012



Light and Dark

Since the road into the Golden Age has been already liberated and leveled we should like to beg you to beware of being led again into fear and awareness of lack ! As to drive you further into poverty the dark gamer would have to lead you into the energies of their targets they had foreseen for you (e.g. debating future poverty of old age to come). Do you comprehend what this entails? Only those fearing and worrying are easy to be manipulated since in most cases consciousness will be clouded in such cases. You thereby will perceive such were the plannings of the dark party for ordinary people ! Yes, it is intentionally that we use the past tense here!

As the elitists of the old order are still stretching out their tentacles to you in order to prevent that some part of mankind will ascend and to ban the slaves into their huts again. However, they will not succeed with their endeavours - not as long as we, the family of the Galactic Federation of Light, have our hand in this game and - as we do not intend in the least way to withdraw ourselves fromout this encounter but to the contrary !

Beloved ones, we apologize for the drastic expression still never before outspoken and clear speech has been so important as now !

Since you know that the mainstream media are still not prepared to report truthfully worldly events and they go on attempting to create furthermore hatred, fear, envy, jealousy, separation and awareness of lack -while over-showering their readers and onlookers with these aspects.

Yet whoever has sensed the liberating scent and heard the sound of clearance of this New Age - these people are so cognizant that they are able to look at matters behind the veil.


Namely: that Ascension of planet Earth is about to happen immediately so that this will create a time-buffer enabling many humans to get rid off the ankle cuffs of 3-Dimension and within the time-frame suited to them they thus will be able to obtain everything what has been available to many readers only throughout years.


Since you have leveled the road with your work of light for those which take off their gown of darkness in the nick of time now in order to ascend like you in your living body!

Due to this time-buffer created by Gaia an individual entry into the Golden Age is made possible and with it naturally also an Individual First Contact.

As mentioned already in former messages it is not upon us to approach you but it is you who transgress the portals of our mutual meeting way.

It goes without saying that we, your Galactic friends and families, are hovering presently in orbit of your planet Earth and being on its surface since long but the portal of Meeting Point which we still may keep and hold open - this portal - it has to be transgressed by you alone.

How ? It is simple - make use of your very own powers of manifestation which meanwhile have grown so strongly that we may express it in such way: Your power of creation drawing something into your life will finalize simultaneously with the eventual end of your imaginative power.

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, on which behalf I, Marix, am speaking here, would like to thank you and we are drawing our hats before you - so to say - dear friends, for such an amount of assertiveness, for all matters you have obtained by sharing it with many other human beings.

As you know you are multidimensional and thus able to sojourn in many places simultaneously which you do already.

Thus it will happen that you will be called up to a council meeting in the middle of your daily chores and surely many readers will recall that they have been so absent for hours on many a day in such ways as if they had functioned solely and not anything else.

Dear reader, this multidimensionality is the very key to All--There-Is. It is the very key also to your individual First Contact!
However, this you will find in the next coming message and herewith we bid you farewell for the moment by saying : until soon!

Thank you Marix



Translated by ContraMary


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ich bin 10/08/2012 23:07

Nachricht an die galaktische Förderation
( nicht an die Menschen)

Also Geliebte GFdL. Mir reichts, seht ihr nicht das wir Höllen Quallen durch leben. Ich bin an dem Punkt gekommen, zu sehen, das die dunklen Reptiloiden uns von jeder Richtungen angreifen auch mich
persönlich, und meine Tochter, soll erneut vergiftet werden ( zwangsimpfung, und das verfluchte Triggern aus der 4D ). Ich habe die Schnauze voll. Ihr braucht unsern freien Willen, ich bitte darum
setzt den Quallen ein Schluss Strich,JETZT. Ihr haltet uns nur hin, in euren Botschaften. Aber was passiert wirklich in der 3D Illusion ( Hologramm ), helft uns nicht nur geistig. Und wenn ihr mich
mitnehmen tun lasst mir doch wenigstens (ab jetzt) die Erinnerung. Ich weiß das ihr diese Foren durchleuchtet ( Im guten Sinne ). Ich kann den Schmerz der Welt nicht mehr ertragen. Die Matrix ist
ja eine gute Art sich selbst zu erkennen, aber nicht wenn sie von dunklen Wesen nochmals manifestiert und manipuliert wird. Es ist an der Zeit einzuschreiten ( meine Meinung,aber ihr kennt ja den
Plan der Quelle). Es gibt viele Mitteilungen, das die Menschen den Aufstieg nicht schaffen ohne eure Hilfe. Menschen die Projekte starten wurden wenn sie etwas mehr Geld hätten z.B. die den
Aufstieg voran treiben würden währ auch sehr gut oder Körperliche Probleme die sie daran hindern. Ob der erst Kontakt jetzt kommt oder nicht, dann macht bitte mehr Sichtungen euer Schiffe bereit
oder nehmt mehr Menschen mit auf eure Basen, um ein Grundbewusstsein zu entwickel. Viel mehr Menschen halten (Außerirdische) als nett und hilfreich, als Böse Wesen kämpfend gegen die Menschheit. Es
muss bei uns dem Bodenpersonal endlich was passieren. Bitte macht was.Trotzdem vielen Dank für alles liebe Geschwister. NAMASTÈ