Marix from Sirius- Response of the Galactic Federation of Lights to us

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Response of the Galactic Federation of Light to us
Posted on September 18, 2012 by ContraMary

In response to the article “The day the Earth stood still and the Video of InLight Radio I obtained this message of Marix/Sirius channeled by Sarinah . It is a short but a very encourageng one expressing the deeply felt thanks of the Galactic Federation of Light on which behalf Marix sends all his messages. This I should like to tell you and it is my serious request to share these thanks with so many people as possible since I deem it is essential that we sometimes warm up our hearts and ! MINDS! too with these words of Love and Light from our friendly Siblings of the Stars !

They will give us new power and freshen up our “sometimes” weary minds (not hearts! though) to keep on with all our hope and verve on striving for our issues.

CM =ContraMary And here it is:

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius of Sept.17, 2012
Channeled by Sarinah

Response of the Galactic Federation of Lights to us

There has happened some change while we listened to your callings and thus we were able to enter your reality more and more; namely that we are that we are invited by light-working and light-beaming humans to present ourselves in public and not by governments which are still hesitating to start disclosure.

We, the galactic family would like to thank you and encouraging you : “Keep going – never relax !”
The merit goes to the social networks which are of service to you with this endeavor and if you knew how successful you are already now !
Yes, as mentioned in our recent messages it is not upon the governments but the people which introduce disclosure now!
It is the 99,9 %, the people, which has been looked upon as of so little importance hitherto and often trampled upon underfoot!

We do not like to instigate any aggression – we are quite far away from wanting to do so – We just should like to start a Call-up for “Love -
Joy – Abundance – Independence – Health, and Peace for all Mankind !!!”

Keep on keeping, please!

Disclosure has started!

First Contact is in the following Sequence is the next to come!

We are responding to your invitation!

Many thanks also to all those working tirelessly that the portals of our “Union” will be opened finally !
Our thanks also go to Steve Beckow and his co-operators on this issue ! Nothing – for the time being – could have explained everything about our coming to you in a better way than by this page :

for German readers:
or English readers:
from Steve Beckow

and the video:

Even if we cannot enlist all those speaking with us and for us by their name – we nevertheless should like to express our deepest thanks from our hearts to you. We bless you and bid you farewell for now with : See you soon dear friends …see you soon ….

Thank you Marix

Translated by ContraMary

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