Marix from Sirius- Salvation in Light

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Salvation in Light

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

dated 12.05.2012

Channeled through Sarinah
Salvation in Light

Just now when your train of ascension is gaining full speed it is extremely important that you throw everything off board which could increase this special period with difficulties!
Yes, easier said than done but keep in mind that there was released an immensely high frequency of pulsating light in assistance to your metamorphosis. 

You may compare this pulsating light to some escalator carrying you up.

You may compare this pulsating light to some escalator carrying you up. The only thing you have to do is: you have to ascend and to keep it going! Everything else regarding transformation will be flooded away from you by the "effect of being carried up"!

Dear friends we believe you are doing such a wonderful job and this since long ago. We saw how exhausted you were and we heard your calling while we were accompanying you at your side all the time.
This is the "Actual Individual First Contact" as we called it.

Now our all creator has released more frequencies of light delivering you from all eternal endeavours for transformation. Now for instance with regard to all unhealthy habits to feed yourselves: You have tried so much to get rid off these - but you couldn't do so although they do harm to you - all these old patterns doing you no good will be released over night!

We mentioned already that we have been at your side all the time which is a fact. Since: the higher your own vibration - the more you will perceive us!

Do you feel this love, do you feel the difference. it is your very own merit since you are the blessing for the Galactic Family having returned to us without glitching down again.
When we are in council-meetings with the Lords of Light we always marvel at your strength and power - we marvel and perceive how you are trying to bundle this magic power!

Sometimes you are successful in this endeavour and at other times you still need our assistance and help. Do you understand what we are hinting at? Do not underestimate yourselves since in the meantime you have achieved the Robe-of-Self-Mastery and this is immesurably important regarding the collective ascension.

If you sense some unusual symptoms of your body e.g. heartbeating, dizziness, pain accompanied by certain feelings of coldness, don't be worried since these signal that light is centering and this being taken place just now.

We do know only very well that it is not easy to remain trustingly - just not then when matters are happening actually in your system of body, spirit, and soul which have never been felt before.

If you knew how wonderful the wheels of elevation are sliding into each other! And as you have once stepped on the escalator there is only one thing you have to do : trust and enjoy - since this time of now is an infinitely prescious one!

Ascension of the collective will take place as planned following the "Wheel of Events" simultanously empowering you even more and more - as vibrations will increase on end also after the crucial date of December 21.2012.

At this moment we'd like to address the Ascended Master who was compelled for such a long time to act in the very light of the Shadow Players:
"We are sending our thanks - our safeguarding and our unconditional love - and naturally to those assisting the Ascended Master in his earthen robe : Thank you from deep of our hearts!" Mutually we are immesurably strong and powerful !"

Do not let go down your Works of Light in any way for thus you are levelling the road for the re-union of families and peace!

Quite often we are called "Aliens" and many human beings do not know - and wherefrom should they anyhow Quite - that on board of our ships are those dwelling and working with us whom they believe to have lost for ever due death on earth?

How would this affect your Beloved Ones when they hear they are called "Aliens" or about your speculation whether they could be dangerous in some way or whether they exist anyhow?

As we are not different in any way but being your family and your friends since each one of us Galactic beings calls some family of his/her own on Earth.

Please understand what we try to explain here: When there are souls - bodiless - which go to heaven and quite often surprisingly fast - then they usually seek what could be a new area of responsibilities for them.

Just those having been used to work much on earth - creating - loving to live - it is those which soon find being an angel solely too boring (pardon beloved Angels - we do not want to offend you in any way).
Yea, really - for quite often they decide to become both: Angel and some Galactic Member of the GFL - thus they may do research - travelling through space - creating - and providing even more of intensive safeguardings and protection for you.

We are bidding farewell to you for this very moment - enjoy the Christ-Light and its wonderful magic power, be blessed and remember: how much we love you. How much .....

Thank you Marix-
Translated by ContraMary

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