Marix from Sirius- The Earth is ascending together with her Children

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Good Vibrations from Sirius

Marix channelled through Sarinah

dated 29th May 2012



The Earth is ascending together with her Children!


For many citizen of the earth the pressure of the daily life has been increased to almost

an intolerable extent! You have to endure the adjustments which presently take place

in your bodies since the sublime pupation of the physical vehicle is similar to some flying

change-over between being highly loaded and filled up energetically for new activities and

the bodily system wanting to slow down its power capacity - being tired and craving for some rest.


Whereby the quality of light is daily accrueing while the earthenly body does not want

anything else than quietness and centricity.


No easy undertaking still when planning your life you could not foresee that the players of duality would

hold this matrix for so long and in such a tenacious way.


Even we were taken by surprise that the illusory separition on Earth could have been

maintained for such long a time!


It is intentionally that we are using here the past tense since the Creator has given us his permission

to finalize eventually the Game of Duality in co-operation with our cousins from Inner Earth.


Thus we are in contact with those first ones announcing the coming of the Family from Space!

Yes, you are reading the right thing here. As mentioned before there will be no pressure on any

single person! Even if we protect and safeguard the particular one announcing us -there will

always remain some sort of his anxiety about an repeated happening of the past.


Beloved ones, while we are chanelling these lines safe waters have been reached long ago and

nobody may hinder matters which will liberate you all - liberate from all matters not in

concordance with the quality of light for the New Age.


The liberations will be such immense, that a deep sigh of relief will go over all the world !

For what may be able to impede you to live in the abundance with all rights of birth while

you are standing on the portals of the Golden Age?


As all the capabilities of which you may dispose freely in the spiritual realms- all your divine attributes, you will regain

until the end of this year 2012.

This only to show you that even if the spiritual world was not to intervene anymore - the target of liberating
mankind and its embodied ascension still could be reached - some time later but your ascension would take place.

Don't get afraid we are not withdrawing ourselves - on the contrary - these passages are only to

convey to you about which amount of divine power you meanwhile can dispose of.


Yet in fact the offsprings of Gaia since some time have been capable to create themselves their

"to-morrow" due to their powerful releases.

And it might have already appeared to some of you surely that you are able to draw some material matter into

your life.

We are using the term "to draw into your life" and not yet "create" hence you will have to be granted

the divine empowerment to do so.

It may be possible and you know it for example that a friend is drawn by your thoughts in such a way that he actually calls you on the phone or is standing at your door.


However to manifest material matters - Beloved Ones - this is a masterpiece!

And it is with a grin we'd like to mention that in this very phase it might be much more difficult for you

to dematerialize matters, that is to get rid again of all the matters which you have drawn into your life  accidentially or because of you training such methods.


Well, it is still not possible for you to create needy matters out of the subtle realms alike we are doing it, however

let several months still pass by and all the more you are approaching your complete consciousness the more independent

you will become from what now costs you fees and money.



Regarding the First Contact to which we all look forward so much we'd like to mention that your TV-Media have

started with more positive reports on us. Films about the "Aliens" do not feature any more solely destruction.

They are trying to get the curve via their television program since they know "First Contact" is just at the door

and also that we are coming with the very best of intentions in kindness and in peace. They are trying hard not

to lose their credibility and not to be considered as those manipulating people.


No. we are not putting pressure on anybody but we negotiate and demonstrate matters. The way of light is being chosen by many of the Old Team only because they know that the old road of separition will lead into a "Cul-de-Sac".


The Galactic Federation of Light, the Agarthians and all the lightful helpers from the heavenly realms thank you and bless you!
We'd like to tell you that we have come already to the earthenly planes and now the only question is left to be resolved which is to

present us to the public !

Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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