Marix from Sirius- The Guardians of the Light !

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Good Vibrations from Sirius

Message from Marix
Channelled through Sarinah
dated 8th May 2012

The Guardians of the Light !

The human guardians of the Golden Age are about to open the doors for our mutual meeting.

Those who know are those to pave the way into the new paradigm with their service and they

are trying to do so as fast as possible, as time is running short on all of us.

Since Gaia is ascending and enters the celestial dimensions, nothing is more important than her

children keeping up with her so that as many of her inhabitants as possible may go on this

journey with her.


Did you notice how fast those succeeding you reach high frequencies with their vibrations?

Those which stormed the skies first on their path needed years to achieve full consciousness -

and now this is being done in lightning speed.

Those which are already in the middle of their inner healing redeem other

ones out of their free will thus constituting a service of unconditional love

and truly not an easy undertaking.

You are indeed wonderful and powerful and how much we love you .... how much !

As mentioned in our last message that we are responsible for one half of the

First Contact and you for the other half of it. Just to express it colloquially:

"We have done our homework and now it is the matter of our mutual performance."

We therefore ask you to go on using your power of creation and like to emphasize that so far you

have been very successful in doing so - so keep on keeping it !

We and our coming are not announced by the light side only but also by those playing in the shadow

by the use of their old tools of creating fear and anxiety so to make you reject the Galactic Family by

means of your Free Will.


We are coming in peace and unconditional love, in the assignment of the Creator in order to cleanse

with you the Earth of all pollutions and we are bringing our presents of which one is the highly

developed medical system and the other one the advanced technical appliances of the Galactic

Federation of Light.

Writing this cannot in the least express the beneficial meaning for you, you have to experience

it or better to recall it together with our mutual godly agreement.


Now the old guard pretends wanting to safeguard you against us - saying these were the reasons

to keep us in secret by your governments. But truly it is themselves that they want to protect and

their greed.

They kept you away for decades from what will make you become completely free and independent.


In the meantime you have become fully conscious so that you recognize why these are desperate

attempts to suggest to you that there is danger coming from Space to you.

All those lashing around and trying to evoke fear and feelings of insecurity are exactly the same

people never willing to share themselves and which are still obsessed by their greed!

However please note that this dark game will have an end now and also note that those still stuck

in the duality have also made plans to return to the light on which way however.


At the very last moment many will jump on the Speed-Train to the New Age since the higher Gaia is

vibrating the more your decision is being asked as it is quite uncomfortable if not to say immensely

hard to reside where the air of duality has become so dense that even breathing will be difficult.


Beloved, wherever you are now and what problems you have to tackle - we are telling you:

"Forget everything which is burdening you - for when looking back at some point in future you

will clearly see that all these burdens have been serving only one purpose: when planning your

life here nothing appeared more important than return home with a bag filled with the essence

of experiences up to its brim."


This is difficult to follow comprehensively? Keep in mind that the treasure of experience will make you

to much reputed mentors and know mindfully that those reading this here did not want to take home

their knowledge empty and only by the word but outlived in experiences of their own incarnations.

It is the least and the natural course that we share with you what we love most namely: "The Immeasurable

Abundance and Love of the Spiritual World".

Thank you Marix



Translated by ContraMary


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