Marix from Sirius- Time for Love

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Message of MARIX from Sirius
channelled through Sarinah

Dated 04/April/2012

Translated by ContraMary

Time for Love!


Wherever you are just now, this is the place where you wanted to be at the time of

changing the cycle.

Provided you feel well there and secure and if not, you should try to find out to where

you feel drawn to instead and where your heart wants you to go.

There are stormy days and weeks pending and thereby we mean "there will be further cleansings and purgations on the earth surface before Gaia will have finally ascended.

However be sure that we, the Galactic Family and with us all the other celestial helpers will have an eye upon these activities so that the remaining rest of ascension will be achieved as smooth as possible.

We are safeguarding you as we have done so all the time before - yet we have to consider thereby all interfering facts relating to carmic reasons.

Still the Creator has fixed a certain date of time when all carma on earth can be redeemed.

Times of stormy weathers whereby you will be drawn again and again into your very own Inner Core since whoever is united with his/her Inner Self will overcome these period all the better.

Each Bearer of Light cherishes his/her own favorites in order to establish the inner

stillness and peace.. Some are sensing themselves best when in a meditative state of mind - others may need activities just as walking leisurely or spending their time with children or animals in nature's surroundings etc....

In this context we should like to mention: "It does not matter what you chose, it is eminent and important to take enough time for your own dwelling in your inner heart and perception during these days and weeks.

Children are truly wonderful creatures and able to make their surrounders exploit fully their resources. It is by birth that they own everything necessary to integrate well each needy new energies. Everything that is necessary to ascend with ease is innate in them. They are in their families for this has been according to their soul-contracts. And they have to remind you to your own soul's issues.

Yes we know of all your challenges and issues. We know of all and we are clapping our hands! It is wonderful to look at your soul beaming so much! What a splendour and shining showpiece you have acquired when reaching the beginning of this year 2012 - this you may imagine only slightly now.

We only say this: " you will comprehend and understand our jubilation,

you will be able to follow it up and you will sense this rejoicing yourself!

The quantum leap may be seen as what it is ! It is a unique and incredibly effective

mode to arrive alive at that place where all those are expecting you whom you thought to have lost so long ago.

Latest when the day of our reuniting has arrived you will feel it - or still better expressed - you will know what we are meaning now.

Beloved ones, there is so much to report of and each week our allies are progressing further, you could even say " daily " are the exits of those players of the Shadow to be seen!

Even if most of all informative details are still kept apart from you - yet there is some

other and fresh wind blowing! Meanwhile you are being informed by our free allies especially selected for this input.

Only those will be removed from their posts which had secretly limited the Freedom of Press because they thought all the powers of the world were theirs.

This is not - by any means - the case! For some time being the old elitists are standing already with their backs against the wall or have been removed from their engagements long ago.

There will be - very soon - free reports of information given and you will be surprised by the sudden and incoming flood of significant information to you!

And who else has effected this Change? Nobody but you yourselves! As the true

heroes are just about to read these lines now!


At some later point of time when you have ascended and have gained full consciousness you will get to know how true are these words now! For we shall open up all our documentation files for you and you will be able to recall all your incarnated lifes preparing you for this special period.


We are wishing you a beautiful Festival of Easter - full of wonders - and we'd stress

the fact that the day before Easter is that one serving the Union of Heaven and Earth!

Thank you Marix



Translated by ContraMary


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