Marix from Sirius- Truth always finds its very own way

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High Vibration from Marix/Sirius dated 10.27.2012

Channeled through Sarinah

Truth always finds its very own way


 This year tends to incline now - there are only a few weeks left until the tower of the dark alliance will be taken out of the game. It is publicly to be watched already that justice actually is happening.


We do know how much you await the starting shot launching that disclosure will also bring to the surface our presence and that Main-Stream-Media (MSM) publicly will report so thus people my decide on their own if they want to come into contact with us or not.


Do not forget: the countdown is already running and whoever watches closely will note that TV-Enterprises are trying to publicise that our presence is a peaceful one.

 It does not make sense at all that official administrative agencies descide beyond your heads as this will not function any longer in Galactical timelines. And anyway these agencies have been informed about our presence already decades ago.

We have met with them who administrate nations and media again and again in order to convince them to reason sensibly since we all are a big family and nolthing will be able to impede our mutual meeting.


As from a certain degree of your very own vibration you are immersing automatically into the galactic age and this does not mean anything else but that as a living human being you immerse into spiritual worlds. You will remember:

as in the small so in the great ( how in Micro- so In Macro-cosmos )! And thus after the first individual contact it will be followed immediately by the great "First Contact in Public".

 This does not depend which heads of states will announce us as those - as ever so often - are jumping on to trains
already running. It is again and since long that you, the people, do invite us and calling for us - the Galactic Family - will become increasing louder!

So the first individual contact will be established with your Family of the Stars which you once left in order to fulfill your task on Planet Earth.

Then in the midst of your celestial family you were so sure that despite - all of your daily labors and dualities waiting for you on earth - once you would be able to return to your true original task and being!

What a big halloh, what a joy, what a service in light ________! Words cannot express it in the least - since you are returning with baggage i.e. your human body - as Archangels in Flesh and Blood !

As you know in former incarnations you first had to leave your body to free your soul for ascension.

Sometimes when we meet in councils together with your Archangels and Ascended Masters to watch and observe how humans cope with all ascending and divine elevations - how you human people cope with your ascending and increasing vibrations - we are left breathless with joy. We are aware how fast you are ascending and how - despite of your very own exhaustion - you hold portals of elevations open for others and how well you are mutually keeping onward !


We are drawing our hats before you, dear friends, as solely on themselves the fast increasing vibrations require highest performance from you and the vehicle (your body) with which you once journeyed to Earth.

With such great surprise and joy we ascertain that it is you ceasing our helping hands offered by us and our hearts are pounding with excitement as we canwatch you arriving here with flying colours !


Remember, all essentially important events of History as for instance the "Fall of the Wall in Berlin" always have been introduced by the people itself !


We are blessing you deeply with our thanks and bid you farewell for now with calling out to you : "Full Speed Ahead, Dear Friends, Full Speed Anhead !


Thank you Marix


 Translated by ContraMary


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