Marix from Sirius- We and the Lightbearers Mutually Are Holding The Doors Wide Open

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We and the Lightbearers Mutually
Are Holding The Doors Wide Open ....

From Marix through Sarinah 14.03.2012

As time speeds up immensely which has brought us all together it is a fact that the time-windows for us to start are turning up fast in order of sequence.

 However we as your Galactic family are quite conscious that the timing must be a perfect one as this is an event of reuniting which you never have experienced since Lemuria. To be very exact such a coming together has never been taken place before.

We, your Glalctic cousins know about the reponsibility we are carrying and if you could see how often we have safeguarded you and how long we have been doing it already. Why? Because we are offsprings of the same source. We are, by no means, without warmhearted feelings as it is said frequently. Yes, we are alike you but we have ascended long ago and that is why duality and its shadowy habits appear quite strange to us.

We Sirians are looking quite human. Generally we are rather tall and it goes without saying that our bodies have changed to being of crystal structure long ago and that is why our bodies are in ideal condition.

As how your bodies will take on more and more some form which will be ideal for you which means the more subtle the material of your body will grow to, the more also your outward appearance will show what you are in your inside. In this context we should like to note that this change has been started already however you do not lose at once bodily quantities. It is only when the utterly subtle core has been achieved that also the outer layer of your body may undergo a change.

Please be patient, treat your earthen body with love since it has exactly the form which you have chosen and it eventually has carried you here to this time.

Well, sometimes during our councils' meetings we hold our breath and as well applaud when we see how much the messengers of light let Gaia's mankind shine. As it is the merit of the messengers which are spreading their light in such way to all those who cannot accept it directly from the highest Source! Are we repeating ourselves?

Yes, that is what we are doing, since thus your primeordial knowledge will wake up again and it is also important because thus you possibly may remember all those councils which you attend while your body rests and is guarded so lovingly by your Angels.

To take up left-off ends again regarding the source: you may ask perhaps why does not God dim his light and send it to those who cannot stand the highest ray being too much light for their bodies to endure it.

Since the various dimensions have separated, the light is beaming down only to those which have affirmed their wish to accept it! Such the Free Will is guarded of all those who did not want to know anything of the changing cycle so that their souls have voted negatively upon it.

When it comes to those which are still reluctant and hesitating - these human beings are dwelling in a sort of empty space of self chosen vacuum and it is actually much more difficult to live therein as they live in some minor dimension of being than you do. However by all those dramatic experiences self chosen, created and reflected by human beings in this vacuum space it is possible to wake up suddenly any day since the self-created suffrance daily might open up a new door to living ascension of the soul.

As you know pain and suffrance always may open up a door to higher consciouness.

Don't be astounded when you do not feel any emotion in yourself when you hear those whining which are following you. This is but a natural consequence of the separition of frequences since it were you who had dwelled for a long time at the bridgeways to light up the route for those which followed you reluctantly.

For staying there such a long time this had brought you also to the brink of exhaustion so tired you became.

Still you have been salvaged from service at the bridges as this will be the task and issue of those following you. When the first ones have attained the goal undoubtedly also the others in the chain will succeed as well by reaching it.

This changing of tasks is indeed an effective protection of the lightworker which are approaching the big event and from your intuition you also know for certain that those which are still busy with their old pattern, e.g. the inner child etc., will also reach the goal eventually.

There is still another reason, why the Lords of Light mutually with the Galactic Federation have decided to protect their Allies and liberate them from serving at the bridgeways. Our mutual activities and the Day of Reuniting are very near now and thus, those who are the first working with us together in public, are being safeguarded by this buffer of time.

They are thus be able, speedy like wildfire, to become those they are in reality.

They do not feel obliged nor pressed any more to look behind themselves and thus there has come a mode of rotation into their life and everything flies off which still pertains to the old times. This evokes a sort of acceleration in ascension and accordingly


necessitates that the individual body in such progress has to have much rest, quietness, and time to relax.

By such accelerations you might have the feeling that much is happening and moving on at the outside but that you yourself have come to a halt. Don't worry, it isn't that way - on the contrary - it is you who is progressing.

We are grateful to you for this very interesting dialogue, as this is the fact actually. We do like to respond to all your inner queries.

Why and whence we - your spiritual guides and Galactic -Family know, what are your inner feelings and thinking ? Now, we are of alike offspring and your inner voice is well aware from where this phenomenal connection derives. Your inner awareness knows it........knows it ...

Thank you Marix


  Translated by Mary
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