Marix from Sirius- We Are Expecting You

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Message of MARIX from Sirius channelled by Sarinah

Dated 27/March/2012


Translated by Mary

We Are Expecting You


While the change is to be seen now for everyone who may be able to

sense it it is a fact that all those pertaining to the old elite commence

with their cooperation.


Yes, you are right what you are reading here ! And many a social program

is being started without any of the mainstream media reporting it.

No-one of the old team has been permitted to eyewash the public and to

praise oneself with these long overdue and liberating programs.

We call such programs long overdue as actually these programs were planned already in the 80ies entailing that the funds are being redistributed and the welfare program introduced.

Look, something is going on behind your back and there are much more movements than shown to you outwardly. They are afraid that you may
demand much more if you were informed about the entire truth and the
more so if you could gather in masses together. And really this is happening already in the very moment now.

This will be such a great wake-up of the masses in the forthcoming spring-

and summer-time and you would cheer loud if you knew how many incredible

and beautiful opportunities will still be given to you during this year !


Thus we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are in contact long ago with those

who fancy themselves to be in power but also with those which are still afraid

of the former ones and their apparent power.


Please remain calm and stay in Love -as nothing that is announced in the mainstream media in order to evoke fright and fear we shall allow to happen.

Gaia's ascension is being made in orderly sequence and no way in a bumpy

mode according to the fear of many.

Everything which may impede you to live your normal daily life may reduce yourvibrations and for this reason there will happen only those cathastrophies coinciding with carmic reasons. Even if this is hard to perceive and understand for you - only those human beings will perish who have anchored this already before by their soul-contracts .

As you know in the spiritual spheres there is no way of linear thinking. The more earth is approaching celestial spheres the more you will experience that everything linear will be taken off also from the outside.


In this respect it very well may happen that Item 2 goes on start before Item 1

has been fully executed. Such facts are given only to enable you to comprehend the way we are working. It is good that no one may really estimate us as thus

the old team never knows what we shall be doing next.


They assume we shall simply start our First Contact with our crafts appearing in masses in the sky which, however, at this very time might still shock and terrify

many citizens of Gaia. And it would be quite easy for "Shadow-players" to create

a scenario which unleashes fright, terror, and fragmentation.


So please stay confident when we are telling you that everything is being much more in completion than you are conscious of.

We don't ask you again to put your trust in us but just go ahead trusting your very own intuition - confide in your heart and not in your mind!

Your mind and your Ego have already prevented you from reaching your goal in former incarnations - or to put it more dramatically - made you lose your life; since many of you reading now this had to live former lifes fully filled with karma and drama.


I am Marix from Sirius and I am holding this speach on behalf of the Station of First Contact of the Galactic Federation of Light.

We are coming in Peace and we are rejoicing because our Galactic Family will complete itself at the very moment when you are crossing our gangways.

Words do not suffice to describe how much we have been waiting for this special day of all days! -very often we hear that it concerns you which are waiting for us ! However it is the Galactic Family which is expecting you and not vice versa ......!

We are expecting you on the very spot where you once started your journey to Gaia...

Thank you Marix


Translated by Mary


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